Thursday, January 4, 2007

Wrong Blog

I hate to tell you this, but you came to the wrong blog. It's not your fault. You didn't know. If you must, you can stay and look around a bit, but I feel compelled to advise you on the error of your ways.

You see, this blog is just a junkdrawer of thoughts. You can come back any time. It will still be here. The real excitement is taking place at one of my other blogs. It is only one week old today, yet it has already won a prestigious award and has been recognised by other bloggers. Yesterday, it received over a thousand unique visitors. It has also brought much deserved recognition to others.

If you enjoy reading blogs, it provides an unique way to browse the bloggosphere. If you write a blog, you will discover a stunningly simple (and completely free) way to promote your online presence.

I'm not bragging. I cannot, in good conscience, brag about this. The success, so far, has simply been the result of the positive response of the blogging community to a simple idea.

I hope you will visit today and see what the excitement is all about.

The preceding was a pseudo-advertisement. Had I been two people, instead of one. It would have been a paid advertisement with an appropriate disclaimer.


Girasol said...


notfearingchange said...

hey i like junk thoughts....*sigh*...they're what i live by! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't worry. Pretty much any blog is just a junk draw of thoughts. (I know that all of mine are.)

Thats the point of it though really, sometimes you just feel like standing on a hill and shouting into the wind. It feels good.

Anyway half the fun of the interweb is stumbling onto something by mistake.

gothcat said...

you only have ONE junk drawer?cool.

Eva Rell said...

Well, congratulations on your successful junk!