Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Junkdrawer Within a Junkdrawer

I had a whim this morning, and since this blog is largely based on whims and was started on a whim, I implemented it right away, without regard to the consequences.

It seems that a junkdrawer of thought needs a junkdrawer of links. I'm not talking about the categorised links in the sidebar. I'm talking about something that would do justice to the name junkdrawer.

I come across all sorts of strange things while surfing the web. Sometimes, this prompts me to write an article or add a link at an appropriate place. Usually, however, I'm too lazy, or too busy, or the link just isn't important enough to trouble myself with. That's when a junkdrawer comes in handy.

Look in the sidebar to find a new junkdrawer of links. The links are in random order and on random subjects. The links are more likely to point to pages within a website than to actual websites. The content could be a video or music or pictures or just text. Usually, you wont be able to tell where the link is going to take you. (I refuse to include links with pornography, profanity or generally offensive content. If you find anything offensive, please contact me right away.) Sometimes, the link will be a play on words and take you to someplace unexpected.

In the spirit of self disclosure, I should mention that this is a great opportunity for shameless self promotion. Some of the links will point to my own content at other sites, but I will try to keep this to a small percentage.

It's a junkdrawer, so I will only add to it when I feel like it. I may, occasionally, give it a vigorous shake to rearrange the order of the links.

If you can think of any strange or unusual links that may be a good addition to this list, please leave a comment. I may occasionally add some reader recommendations. However, it's likely that this comments section will just become another junkdrawer.

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Anonymous said...

I actually HAVE a bookmark folder called "Junk Drawer"... so here's a good link from it, if you like:

Its sort of an "everything you ever wanted to know about" Dazzle Camouflage website. Interesting!